Malbec grapes

Viticulture & Vinivulture

Features: dark, thin-skinned, low yielding; smaller berries with tighter clusters in Argentina
Susceptibility: Coulure, frost, mildew and rot
Climate: Dry
Soil: Limestone and clay with alluvial topsoil

Carbonic Maceration, Malolactic Fermentation and Micro-oxygenation all possible
Oak aging: stainless or oak.
Warm climate: prefers high altitude, cool nights, warm days

Old World:
Bordeaux blending grape
Loire (Local Synonym: Cot)
Cahors (Local synonym: Auxerrois)
New World: Mendoza, Argentina, 1/3 of grapes planted in country

Color: Inky, jammy, purplish red
Aroma: rich, spicy blackberry, figs
Body: Medium to full
Acidity: Medium
Alcohol: Medium plus to high
Tannins: Medium plus, velvety, integrated
Old World: Rustic dry, gamey & tannic
New World: Lush, ripe, spicy mulberry , violets, blackberry & figs in Argentina