The Q and A on Rosé

Sancerre rose Wine

There are still so many misconceptions about rose wines, we felt it only fair to provide a page of its own to clarify a few things. 

Question #1: Are all rosés sweet?

Not true! The dominance of White Zinfandel in the '80s gave pink wine a bum rap. The finest of rosés are bone dry, despite their sweetheart hue. Need a place to start? You can't go wrong with France! Provence, the Rhone's Tavel, the Loire Valley's Anjou all keep it crisp and clean. 

Question #2: Are rosés are only good for summer?

Even if you did not fall for myth #1, this one still persists. Looking for something a little more robust for the fall and winter? Check out Spanish Rosados.

Question #3: Are Rosés only still wines?

Dead wrong! Bubbly roses are so frequently overlooked and they are just so darn tasty:

  • Rose Champagne
  • Bugey de Cerdon
  • Lambrusco

Question #4: Are there any complex rosés?

Wrong, wrong and wrong! Rosés are just like any other wine - they can run the gamut from sublimely complex to stupidly simple (it all depends on your preference). There are also some roses that verge into 

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