They Make Wine There?

There a host of up and coming wine regions that will be deserving of your attention in the next few years:

  • England: All of the great Champagne houses have purchased land in Southerhn England. Why? Global warming means that it will soon be too warm to make quality sparkling wine, and Sussez boasts the same chalky soil that makes world's finest sparklers. 
  • Japan: We are huge of fans of the native Vitis Vinifera variety, Koshu. It makes beautiful floral wines- think a more delicate Viognier.
  • China: China is quickly turning into the 21st century Chile. The big Bordeaux houses have already started investing in properties in the region. 
  • Canada: One word: Eiswein! 
  • India: They even boast some indigenous varieties that thrive in the cooler climates and higher altitude of Kashmir and Punjab. 


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